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Millions of people visit the Grand Strand every year. There is an attraction here that strikes a chord with people from all areas of the world. Today's visitors come for a chance to relax and create memories with family and friends - memories of long walks on the beach, endless days on the fairway, and unforgettable meals with friends and family. When quality food and dedicated service are combined in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, the result is a magical experience that will last a lifetime.

The Divine Dining Group has provided that magical dining experience to millions of people throughout the years. The owners and managers are career professionals, serious and dedicated to making your dining experience the best it can be every time. This is due in part to the fact that the Divine Dining Group is a local company with a vested interest in the community. Jack Divine and Nate Anderson, the founding partners have both spent most of their lives working in the restaurant business and from an early age had their hands in the operations of a wide variety of restaurants both locally and abroad. Through these experiences they quickly learned the business and their respective love for it, and independently developed strong personal goals of one day creating exciting restaurants of their own. With the formation of Divine Dining Group many years ago, their personal goals became a combined reality.

With the two friends sharing a passion for food and the overall dining experience, they have created an array of restaurants over the years that strive to serve excellent food, top notch service, consistent value, and are never boring! With hard work, and the dedication of hundreds of the brightest people in the industry, their collective goal is to continually innovate and improve the dining experience, provide opportunity and development for the next generation of restaurateurs, and be a part of creating those magical moments that form lifetime memories. 


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